WellDyne Partners with Scipher Medicine to Improve Patient Outcomes and Lower Costs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Care


New PrismRA® blood test enables providers to identify optimal approach to rheumatoid arthritis treatment

FEBRUARY 11, 2021 – WALTHAM, MA – Scipher Medicine, a precision immunology company matching patients with their most effective therapy, today announced a partnership with WellDyne, a full-service, independent pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that is bringing precision medicine into their decision-making, to offer the best possible solutions for their clients and ultimately patients. 

WellDyne will provide physicians access to Scipher Medicine’s PrismRA® molecular signature test. Early access to PrismRA testing helps identify the right therapeutic approach and gives patients their best chance to respond to treatment from day one. Current “fail first” standard of care approaches lead to delays in finding effective therapies for a person’s unique disease biology, allowing disease progression and irreversible joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients.

“PrismRA supports our mission to increase patient treatment success, avoid waste due to unnecessary treatment escalations and help our clients manage their pharmacy costs more effectively,” said Nick Page, Chief Clinical and Strategy Officer. 

Autoimmune disease is currently the largest cost in specialty drug spend, which is the biggest contributors to increasing healthcare costs in the U.S. The majority of RA patients prescribed the world’s largest selling drug class, tumor necrosis factor inhibitors (TNFi), do not experience an adequate response to treatment.

“We are proud to be partnering with WellDyne to make PrismRA available to their clients,” said Alif Saleh, Scipher Medicine CEO. “WellDyne understands the importance of improving outcomes and reducing the wasted time and expense of ineffective therapies.” 

Scipher Medicine’s robust test pipeline is targeting novel therapies for multiple complex autoimmune diseases. PrismRA is the first in a series of blood-based molecular signature tests allowing providers to make evidence-based therapy decisions and improve treatment outcomes. 

About PrismRA® 

PrismRA, a molecular signature test, is a revolutionary advancement bringing precision medicine to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, which affects 20 million patients globally. From a routine blood draw, the PrismRA test analyzes an individual’s molecular signature, helping identify who is unlikely to adequately respond to TNFi therapy, the world’s largest selling drug class, so non-responders can be prescribed alternative effective therapy. Providers now have objective data to guide therapeutic decision-making and give patients the best chance of achieving treatment targets and improving clinical outcomes. For more information, please visit www.PrismRA.com

About Scipher Medicine® 

Scipher Medicine, a precision immunology company, holds the fundamental belief that patients deserve simple answers to treatment options based on scientifically backed data. Leveraging our proprietary Network Medicine platform and artificial intelligence, we commercialize blood tests revealing a persons’ unique molecular disease signature and match such signature to the most effective therapy, ensuring optimal treatment from day one. The unprecedented amount of patient molecular data generated from our tests further drives the discovery and development of novel and more effective therapeutics. We partner with payers, providers, and pharma along the health care value chain to bring precision medicine to autoimmune diseases. Visit www.sciphermedicine.com and follow Scipher on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

About WellDyne

For more than 25 years, WellDyne has leveraged its deep clinical expertise to achieve better outcomes and reduce pharmacy trend. Knowing that medications are among the safest, easiest and lowest cost treatments to help people live their best lives, the company believes a smarter approach to the delivery of PBM services unleashes the full power of medications to reduce future healthcare costs.


 Media Contact:
Alexander Petti

Scipher Medicine Company Contact:
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