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Our co-founders Dr. Joe Loscalzo and Dr. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi pioneered the building of the map of human biology – the Human Interactome  –  that explains how proteins expressed from genes interact to cause specific disease phenotypes, providing the wiring diagram needed to interpret dynamic molecular data from patients to determine an individual’s unique disease biology.

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Dr. Joe Loscalzo and Dr. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

A leadership team with a strong focus on culture

  • Alif Saleh
  • Slava Akmaev
  • Jerry Conway
  • Brian McEvilly
  • Alison Stowell
  • Jeff Sachs
  • Alif Saleh
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Slava Akmaev
    PhD, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jerry Conway
    Senior Vice President, Market Access
  • Brian McEvilly
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  • Alison Stowell
    Chief People Officer
  • Jeff Sachs
    Chief Legal Officer

Advisors to the Board

  • Dr. Regina Benjamin
  • Mariann Byerwalter
  • Dr. Regina Benjamin
    Member of Board of Advisors
  • Mariann Byerwalter
    Member of Board of Advisors

An amazing team operating in a performance driven culture

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Our journey

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  1. 2001


    Human Genome Project completed.

  2. 2003


    Our founders Drs. Joseph Loscalzo and Laszlo Barabasi begin building the map of human disease biology that explains how proteins expressed from the human genome interact to cause specific diseases.

  3. 2013


    The map grows to cover 89% of all proteins in human cells, revealing the underlying biological processed causing many of the most common and difficult to treat diseases.

  4. 2015


    Scipher Medicine is founded.

  5. 2016


    Research begins to develop predictive drug response tests.

  6. 2017


    Scipher applies its research to develop a blood test for predicting drug response to anti-TNF therapies, after months of researching and surveying the healthcare system to identify significant clinical and financial pain points.

  7. 2018


    September: Scipher completes its Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures.
    December: Scipher completes the observational study for its anti-TNF response test in rheumatoid arthritis.

  8. 2019


    United HealthGroup invests into Scipher.

  9. 2020


    PrismRA study reads out positive and Scipher launches the test commercially.
    Signs pharma deal with Galapagos to develop targets that are specific to biologically similar sub populations of patients.

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