Join a team creating change for patients, doctors and you.

Scipher Medicine holds a fundamental conviction that patents deserve better care, but, we also believe that employees also deserve better. We believe to our core that when you assemble a team of high performers, they deserve to be treated better than average. We foster taking big swing, over communicating and personal accountability. When your lucky enough to work with the best and the brightest you see the difference.

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The values that drive us forward

  1. 1. Personal accountability

    We believe deeply in being responsible to ourselves, our teams and our stakeholders. Hitting your goals and making wise decisions in the face of adversity are of utmost importance.

  2. 2. High performance

    At Scipher you have the ability to work with the best and the brightest. We are a high performing team — focused on outcome, not how many hours you work.

  3. 3. Take big swings

    We encourage our teams to take very big swings. No risk no reward mentality. It’s hard to go fast, take risks and meet your goals if you are afraid of failure.

  4. 4. Communication

    We manage by providing context, not control. You want support but also freedom to solve your own problems and meet your goals. We are fiercely transparent — everyone’s goals are visible.

Want to help us change healthcare forever
and get awesome benefits too?

  • Work-life balance

    Work-life balance

    Having the flexibility to balance work and life are important to our success as individuals and as a team, which is why we focus on you hitting your goals, not how or where it’s done.

  • Growth guaranteed

    Growth guaranteed

    By ensuring everyone is surrounded by stunning colleagues and encouraging everyone to engage in challenging work. We think big, applaud the risk takers and support you to hit your personal and professional goals.

  • Comprehensive health coverage

    Comprehensive health coverage

    We take changing healthcare very seriously. So we feel very strongly that your healthcare should be FREE. We pay 100% of all premiums (health, dental and vision) for everyone and their families.

  • 401(k) matching

    401(k) matching

    We will help you to hit your retirement goals, by matching up to 4% of your deferrals with no vesting.

  • Very generous time off

    Very generous time off

    It’s true, Scipher Medicine employees are provided a generous amount of time to recharge their batteries.

  • Community connection

    Community connection

    We’re always coming up with new ways to give back to the community through a variety of volunteer opportunities.

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