~90% of patients don’t respond to the world’s largest selling drugs

Drugs are developed for what is believed to be the “average patient,” even though there’s no such thing, and patients are prescribed drug after drug until, hopefully, they find one that works. Meanwhile, they’re putting their lives on hold while their disease worsens and billions of dollars are wasted in prescription costs.

Now, with our breakthrough ability to determine which drug will work best for each patient, we can do better to advance precision medicine in autoimmune diseases. 

Scipher Medicine recognizes
each person’s disease is unique.

Helia Sanchez, PhD

Immunologist Lead at Scipher Medicine

The average patient is a myth. It’s time to treat the individual.

Changing the way we prescribe drugs

Fueled by our platform and the data from our diagnostic tests, we are rescuing drugs for those who do not respond to current treatments in the market by improving patient stratification.

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Improving our understanding of disease biology

Our platform uses the largest protein interaction database ever built to better understand diseases and how to treat them. As more data is added, we will be able to improve patients’ treatment options to help them get the right treatment.

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Changing the way we develop drugs

Fueled by our platform and the data from our diagnostics, we identify novel targets for new therapies and the appropriate patient population who are more likely to respond to the drug.

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A new era is within reach Let's move beyond average and into remarkable.

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Through our diagnostics tests and drug targets, we are advancing precision medicine in autoimmune diseases
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