We are a group of ordinary individuals
doing extraordinary things with
a strong conviction.


Asher Ameli Data Scientist

Albert-László Barabási, PhD Co-Founder

Adam Benson Director of Clinical Operations

Sophie Chapelle Chief Commercial Officer

Dina Ghiassian, PhD Director of Systems Biology and Network Medicine

Anna Jeter Director of Clinical Development Program, Ulcerative Colitis

Keith Johnson, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Joseph Loscalzo, PhD Co-Founder

Ted Mellors, PhD Bioinformatician

Anita Papatheodorou Business Finance/Operations Associate

Julie Perryman Executive Assistant

Alif Saleh Chief Executive Officer

Helia Sanchez, PhD Bio-Immunologist

Nancy Schoenbrunner, PhD Head of Diagnostic Development

Alison Stowell Chief People Officer

Katie Wohler Marketing Manager