Getting Personal With Precision Medicine

The Precision Medicine Era

PharmaVoice outlines why now is a new era of healthcare driven by precision medicine and how we got here, including the new trends in research to how we are moving these advancements out of research onto the market. Multiple leaders in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and research organizations were interviewed for this piece who agreed that the industry is moving in this direction. Cost savings in drug development by using precision medicine approaches have been conservatively estimated to be $26 billion globally.

Scipher’s diagnostics products determine if a patient is not going to respond to a particular targeted drug so that he or she can be prescribed an alternative drug, but this approach can also be applied to stratifying patients for clinical trials to determine which patients will more likely respond to the investigational drug. We are also taking that patient data to determine disease sub-groups to identify potential targets and develop new therapies. “The opportunities for precision medicine are endless”, says Alif in this article.