With our advance understanding of complex diseases, we’re breaking this law of averages to spark a transformation in patient treatment. Through Prism Diagnostics (Dx), we predict if a patient will respond to a targeted drug or not. By applying the unprecedented amounts of data generated from PrismDx to our protein-interaction map, the Prism Intelligence (Ix) platform will improve our understanding of diseases, and drive Prism Rx (Therapeutics) to help pharmaceutical companies create new treatments for patients who do not respond to drugs currently available on the market, moving our entire field toward the ultimate goal — effective treatment for every patient from day one.




PrismRA is a simple blood test in development that predicts response to anti-TNF therapies for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so they can be prescribed treatments that are more likely to work for them. If PrismRA was ordered before prescribing 100% of all anti-TNF drugs in the United States, it would double adequate drug response rates for RA patients from 35% up to 67% while potentially saving over $4.7 billion annually in wasted prescription costs.


PrismUC is a simple blood test in development that identifies Ulcerative Colitis patients who will not respond to anti-TNF therapies, so they can be prescribed therapies that will more likely work for them. By bringing precision medicine to patients suffering from UC, $3.9 billion could be saved annually in ineffective prescriptions.5,6,7


Prism Dx




Through the data collected from PrismDx and our PrismIx platform, we explore unknown human biology at the protein level to identify new drug targets for treating autoimmune diseases.

Through our laboratory partner we have a full suite of research and preclinical assays to confirm and test the targets.

Our first targets are being developed for ulcerative colitis with patient stratification biomarkers to help the patients who do not respond to currently available drugs.


Prism Rx