Bunki Davis, PhD

VP of Lab Operations & Quality Assurance

Bunki brings over 20 years of drug and molecular diagnostic development experience to Scipher.  Her foundation in drug discovery was established at Amgen as a member of the solid phase, oligonucleotide chemistry group before co-founding Source MDx®, a privately held molecular diagnostics company focused on the development and commercialization of whole blood, RNA transcript-based, pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers. She spent over 10 years establishing key laboratory processes in high-throughput sample preparation and gene expression (PCR), driving a fee-for-service business with an eventual shift to a purely collaborative and IP-driven setting. Bunki is well-versed in overseeing pre-clinical and clinical programs for premier pharmaceutical/diagnostic industry players as well as leading academic medical centers.  Bunki received her MS degree in Carbohydrate Chemistry at Cleveland State University and PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.