Understanding Disease Biology

Seeing diseases differently

Our protein-interaction map identifies subgroups of patient populations within the same disease, demonstrating that not all patients are the same and need to be treated individually.

How it works

Interactome Map

Leverages our decade-in-the-making map of protein-protein interactions to understand autoimmune disease biology better than ever before

Data & AI

Uses unprecedented amounts of data and artificial intelligence to continually improve its understanding of disease biology

Machine Learning

When combined with patients’ RNA samples and treatment outcomes from our diagnostics, the map continues to make stronger connections and “learns” more about each disease


The power from our data allows us to build more accurate tests and identify better targets to improve patient treatment

ScipherIx identified 120% more accurate drug targets than experts in the field


Our platform outperformed literary searches by experts to find novel targets little known in autoimmune diseases and tested in mouse and human assays
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We are building tests that identify patients who will not respond to targeted therapies by understanding their unique disease biology using ScipherIx
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