Avoid taking drugs that don’t work.

Breaking the law of averages

Therapies are developed for the “average” patient, even though there is no such thing. Scipher is breaking this law of averages to ensure patients get the right treatment from day one.

Predicting Drug Response to the Expensive Targeted Therapies

Our diagnostic tests identify patients who will not respond to a specific targeted drug so they can be prescribed an alternative treatment. As autoimmune diseases are progressive, time is invaluable to the patient.  


Our tests require a small blood or tissue sample from the patient


RNA is extracted from the sample and analyzed


The test determines if the patient’s RNA profile is a better match to a “responder” or “non-responder”.

Tumor Necrosis Factor inhibitors (anti-TNFs) are the world’s largest selling drugs; however, only about 34% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) respond to them adequately.

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We are recruiting US-based sites and patients to participate in our prospective trials for our diagnostic tests
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Product Pipeline

Through our diagnostics tests and drug targets, we are advancing precision medicine in autoimmune diseases
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