With so many patients not responding to therapies, it’s time we change the way we design and prescribe them.

Traditionally, drugs are developed and evaluated based on an average patient even though there’s no such thing. Instead, we need to treat each patient as uniquely as his or her disease. Through our growing molecular and clinical outcome data registries of patients with autoimmune diseases, we design new treatment approaches with biomarkers for patients who do not respond to drugs on the market today.

Our unbiased approach using the PrismIx platform combined with a high throughput, experimental lab capability has allowed us to decipher the well-hidden biology of autoimmune diseases to find new drug targets, biomarkers, and drugs for patients who do not respond adequately to approved therapies.

Scipher is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to identify new targets for autoimmune diseases based on the data we’ve generated and our strong understanding of underlying inflammatory processes. Through our partner laboratories, we generate whole transcriptome data and validate the biology in a full suite of research and translational preclinical assays.


Our Pipeline