Combining patient data with our protein interaction map to improve patient treatment

Prism Intelligence uses unprecedented amounts of data and artificial intelligence to continually improve its understanding of diseases to build more accurate tests and identify better targets to improve patient treatment.

It leverages our decade-in-the-making map of protein-protein interactions to understand complex disease biology better than ever before. When combined with patients’ RNA samples and treatment outcomes from our diagnostics, the map continues to make stronger connections and “learn” more about each disease.

We believe that the future of medicine is in generating and sharing data. The data generated from our diagnostics will include the RNA samples and patient outcome information to better understand the specific biology driving patients’ diseases. Traditionally, this information is limited to academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies for their own research. Scipher is approaching this differently by growing this database to better understand what drives specific diseases and then license that information to pharmaceutical companies to build better treatments and advance medicine together.


Prism Rx