Avoid Taking Drugs that Won’t Work

Because drugs are developed for the “average” patient, they often fail individuals. Today’s approach of taking prescription drugs forces people to follow a failure first strategy by trying drug after drug until they, hopefully, find something that works—making their treatment a painful and dangerous process of trial and error. Scipher is breaking this law of averages to ensure patients get the right treatment from day one.

Our diagnostic tests identify patients who will not respond to a specific targeted drug, so they can be prescribed an alternative treatment. This saves the patient time and money wasted on treatments that would never work in the first place. As autoimmune diseases are progressive, time is invaluable to the patient.


Our First Diagnostics: PrismRA & PrismUC

Our first tests require a small blood or tissue sample from the patient before they start a biologic like anti-TNF drugs. When the tests are commercially available, a physician will be able to order the test and the patient’s sample is sent to our laboratory partner where the RNA is extracted and analyzed. The patient’s RNA profile is compared on our protein interaction map to determine “responder” or “non-responder” to specific targeted drugs. The physician will receive the binary result within 7 business days.


Our Pipeline