Our Story

Scipher Medicine holds a fundamental conviction that patients with autoimmune diseases deserve a simple answer to their treatment plans using scientifically-backed data.

We are driven by data, passionate about improving healthcare, determined to push science, and convinced the only way to do it is through collaboration. 


Human Genome Project completed.


Our founders Drs. Joseph Loscalzo and Laszlo Barabasi begin building the map of human disease biology that explains how proteins expressed from the human genome interact to cause specific diseases.


The map grows to cover 89% of all proteins in human cells, revealing the underlying biological processed causing many of the most common and difficult to treat diseases.


Scipher Medicine is founded.


Research begins to develop predictive drug response tests.


Scipher applies its research to develop a test for predicting drug response to anti-TNF therapies after discussions with commercial payers identified these drugs as its largest pain point for reimbursement, a $45 billion market.


September: Scipher completes its Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures.

December: Scipher completes the observational study for its anti-TNF response test in rheumatoid arthritis.


Scipher kicks off its prospective trials for PrismRA and PrismUC.

Our team has come together from across the world with a wide range of backgrounds to question the status quo and move the healthcare industry forward. 

Our Team